VIII. Extreme of Function

About the Problem

The problem is again the same - looking for extreme of a function. But here you can define your own 2D function.


Graph represents search space and lines represent solutions (points in search space). The red line is the best solution, blue lines are the other ones.
You can enter your own function in a text field below graph (after change press enter or button Change). Below it you can define limits of function. Function can consist of x, y, pi, e, (, ), /, *, +, -, !, ^ and functions abs, acos, acosh, asin, asinh, atan, atanh, cos, cosh, ln, log, sin, sinh, sqr, sqrt, tan and tanh.
The graph can be rotated by dragging mouse over it.
You can also change crossover and mutation probability. Checkboxes control elitism and if it is looked for minimum or maximum.
Try to change the function and have a look how GA works.

Here is applet, but your browser does not support Java. If you want to see applets, please check browser requirements.

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